Through these difficult times, we’re thinking of all our brides. If you have have any questions about dresses, appointments, and store closings, please contact your White One retailer.

  • When will White One stores re-open?

    Stores will reopen in sync with official authorities’ guidance and regulations in each country. Contact your White One retailer for details about their re-opening plans.

  • When will I be able to make an appointment?

    This depends on where you plan to buy your dress. Please visit your White One retailer’s website or social media account for updates and information.

  • Which collections we I be able to try or buy when the stores reopen?

    Collection availability varies by store. Please contact your White One retailer for product details.

  • How will I know of the change of date?

    Contact your local White One retailer for cancellation information.

  • When will I be able to reschedule my appointment?

    We encourage you to contact your local White One retailer for their re-scheduling policy.

  • I don’t yet know if my wedding is going to be postponed, or even until when. At what point should I ask for a new appointment?

    We understand this is a difficult decision to make. Contact your local White One retailer for their timing recommendations.

  • How do I schedule an appointment for a fitting?

    This will depend on the local regulations near you. Contact your White One retailer for more information about store re-opening and fitting guarantees.

  • Will my dress be delivered on time?

    Delivery capabilities will depend on each White One retailer. Contact the boutique where you bought your dress to learn about their shipping policy and timings.

  • Will there be time to carry out all the final fittings before my wedding date?

    Contact your White One vendor for information on their fitting schedule, wait-time and personalized recommendations based on your wedding date.

  • How can I pick up my dress?

    Ask your local White One retailer about their pick-up policy and any recent changes.

Call us dreamers, but we firmly believe that love will conquer all!

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