Post-Dress Checklist

Post-Dress Checklist

Congrats! You Have Found The One! Now What?

It’s finally happened! After weeks of searching on social media and Saturdays spent scouring your local bridal shops – you have found THE ONE!

Journey over right? Well, not quite.

While some brides maybe lucky enough to walk out of the shop confident they have totally nailed it for their wedding day, most of us require a little more input to get the perfect fit, style and total look.

The Fittings and Alterations

Because you want to every tiny little detail of your dress to be more than perfect, your dress will likely need some alterations.

It could be as easy as easy as shortening the hemline and a few nips and tucks. Or maybe it’s more extensive alterations to get a perfect fit on your wedding dress. In both cases, allow some time for alterations and subsequent fittings, and the sooner you get that process started after you have chosen your wedding dress the better.

Most bridal stores have an in-house alterations service. Even if you have a trusted dressmaker, we always recommend doing your alterations with your bridal store, or a workshop they recommended, as the seamstresses are experienced with delicate, precious fabrics and established wedding dress silhouettes.  

Whatever the case, after you work out the alterations you need, schedule in fittings as soon as possible, as they can take time.

The Shoes (and other bits your don’t see)

On your first fitting, take in your wedding shoes, or at least a similar pair to the ones you will wear on your wedding day. It goes without saying, that heel height is important to get the hem length right.

Comfort, of course is priority – between the ceremony, greeting guests and dancing at the reception the last thing you want is pinched toes!

As far as style of shoe goes, let the dress guide you. For a stunning lacey mermaid dress like LILY, considered a pair of classic, pointy-toed court shoes, perhaps in satin or with lace trim. For a softer, A-line look like AMA consider a sparkly, bejeweled, open-toed sandals. And for an unconventional look flat ballet pumps can look amazing with princess-style dresses like WATERLEAF.

Whatever your speed, you should take your definitive wedding shoes along to your second fitting. Practice walking in your dress in the store – and repeat at home to make sure the hem length is 100% trip-proof. 

Another thing you really must take along to your second fitting is your wedding underwear. Exposed bra and panty lines can be altered out at this stage. Oh, and do keep the colors of your lingerie neutral – such as nude or off white.




Create Your Total Look With Accessories 

Before you take home your dress, decide on accessories. While it might be tempting to ‘do this later’, take advantage of your bridal consultant’s expertise and ask her to suggest how you may make your wedding look complete. This is really important for more casual wedding dresses, or for brides who are having a civil wedding, as dressing up a simple wedding dress is an art in itself!

A pared down wedding veil can totally transform a casual wedding dress or even more unconventional looks such as wedding pant suit or short wedding dress. At the very least, dress your locks with a sparkly tiara or hair clasp. Or how about adding a statement belt to a minimalist wedding dress?  

Browse our accessories collection for inspiration – and leave the store with your dress, accessories, shoes, and more time on your hands for all the other arrangements you have to make before your dream day!

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