Velos de Novia

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  1. VEIL LA22

  2. VEIL LA21

  3. VEIL LA19

  4. VEIL LA18

  5. V-2112

    A full, flowy tulle veil that creates a light-as-a-feather layer over any style of gown.

  6. V_2109

    This beautiful veil with antique stylings has floral bouquet applique placement and tiny diamantes sewn into flowing tulle.

  7. V_2106

    A stunning mantilla veil that features feathery embroidery that cascades from the head down and glistens with tiny diamantes.

  8. This romantic tulle veil is scattered with micro, light-catching diamantes and is embellished with rich embroidery that resembles delicate sprigs of blossom.

  9. V_2104

    For a grand entrance down the aisle, this classic, gossamer-fine, tulle veil enhances any bridal style.

  10. V_2103

    This exotic veil in chiffon and tulle highlights arms and shoulders with its bold applique and has whimsical, flowy look.

  11. V_2100

    A flowing veil in tissue-soft tulle is embellished with lace applique and tiny beads for a thoroughly romantic look.

  12. V_2949

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