Wedding Dress Shopping – The Countdown Begins!

Wedding Dress Shopping – The Countdown Begins!

A Wedding Dress Shopping Timeline

You are not the first bride to ask and won’t be the last – when should I start my search for THE ONE?

Chronic last-minuters take note: Bridal experts suggest starting at least 6-9 months before your big day.

Really? Yes!

Like your betrothed, your wedding dress is one is a million. When a bride finds the perfect one, she lights up, like she has been hit with cupid’s arrow. It’s all about chemistry you see. And you need time to get the formula right.

So why leave it to the last minute?

With this in mind, here is a suggestion for a wedding dress shopping timeline.

The First Two Months

Whoopee! You are engaged! Now, after you come down to earth, book the venue. Like wedding dress shopping, it’s never too early. Also your style of venue will affect the style of your dress. You wouldn’t wear ripped jeans to your niece’s christening right? Then think about romantic princess dresses for church weddings and boho style styles for the beach. Cast you net wide, and keep your inspiration together on a Pinterest board.

Make That Appointment

Ok so now you have your wish list and the venue booked. It’s time to make an appointment, at a wedding dress boutique.

Need to know: A good wedding dress store operates like traditional haute couture. With some exceptions, most of the dresses you see on the racks are samples – the one you choose will be made to order especially for you, and that could take 3-6 months.

Have your found THE ONE on your first appointment? Lucky you! Most brides need a couple of trips to make the final decision. Plan well ahead so your family and/or girlfriends can come with you. And get them to film you in the dress! It’s the most surefire way to know if it works.

Time To Be Fitted

When your dream dress arrives at the store, you will be called in for the first fitting. Ideally this should be at least 6 weeks before the wedding.

The first fitting is when seams, the hem and other elements are adjusted to make the perfect fit. It’s an art that is done by the in-store seamstress (or an external one they recommend) and can be a little tiring as you are asked to move around, and make different poses – but it’s all for the sake of optimal comfort and gorgeousness. Be honest – if something about the dress is not right for you then speak up, as adjustments get trickier further down the track. 

The Second Fitting

The second fitting of the wedding dress is when you will have a much better idea of how it looks and moves with you. Bring along your lingerie to make sure no bra straps or panty lines are visible. (This is particularly important if you have chosen a strapless or mermaid wedding dress.) If you haven’t chosen your veil or accessories yet, DO SO NOW!

Pick up the dress!

Most dresses only require two fittings, so a week or two before you wedding day you can pick up your dress! The store will pack it in a protective cloth bag, so all you will have to do is give it a quick steam on the day and voila! You are good to go.


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