Know Your Wedding Dress Silhouette!

Know Your Wedding Dress Silhouette!

How to find the perfect wedding dress silhouette for your body type. 

There is doubt you are going to look crazy gorgeous on your wedding day. As we ponder over our hair and nails, make-up and heel height, there is one aspect of ourselves that’s impossible to change – our body shape.  

And why would we want to 

Our body type is something to be celebrated, whatever category it falls into! The trick with wedding dress silhouettes is to choose a one that suits your height and curves (or lack of).  

So which wedding dress silhouette is THE ONE for you? 

A-line Wedding Dresses 

Do you reach for the ‘separates’ section when shopping for a bikini? Do your hips out-measure your bust and shoulders? Do you feel comfortable wearing a belt to define your waist? Then you are probably a pear shape. 

Evergreen A-line wedding dresses are perfect for pear-shaped bodies. Their full, swishy skirts fall gently over your hips, while a gently fitted bodice can support a bra that pads out your bust-line.  If you want to make your shoulders look a little wider, choose a cut-away sleeve or halter neckline in the style of our lovely Robin dress. Glossy satin creates an elegant wedding dress silhouette that frames the lower body with clean lines and no cling. Our Purity dress goes a step further by adding volume to your décolleté with clever draping.  

Mermaid Wedding Dresses 

Are you proud of Kim Kardashian curves? Lucky you! If your hips and bust measure roughly the same but your waistline smaller, you are an hourglass body type 

If you’ve got it flaunt it in a mermaid wedding dress that will make you look like a movie star! For a vintage Sofia Loren vibe, Lily wraps your body in delicate lace. Or go for something more contemporary with King, a chic, minimalist gown in fluid crepe.  



Princess Wedding Dresses 

Unless you have a very high or low waistline, Princess wedding dresses suit just about every bride, and particularly those with a pear-shaped bottom half. If your bosom is on the generous side, choose one with a supportive bodice and sweetheart neckline, with which will enhance your décolleté and keep everything in the right place!  If you would prefer to keep your arms covered, choose a style with semi-transparent lace sleeves, such as the lovely Bradbury.  



Sheath Wedding Dresses

Funny thing about sheath wedding dresses. This elegant silhouette suits both petite and plus sizesboth very short and very tall brides. Unfettered by seams or waistlines, it creates an elongated silhouette that gently caresses the curves. The Sheath wedding dress calls for a bit of pizzazz though, like the lace side inserts on Geranium, or the sensual front split on Virginia.   

Once you have found the ONE don’t forget to check out our range of bridal accessories, particularly bridal belts and bridal jackets. With the right accent or addition, your wedding dress can totally adjust to your unique body type!   



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